Saturday, May 4, 2013

WEAR BLACK by Eilis Flynn and Heather Hiestand

Wear Black

Eilis Flynn and Heather Hiestand have released their first collaboration, Wear Black, a Victorian England-set paranormal historical with a romance subplot.

Death did not end his service to the British Empire

Beneath Windsor Castle, a shadow network of immortals keeps the British Empire safe. Army captain Lucas Fitzrobbins becomes one of them when the cure for his mortal wound turns out to be a vampirism potion. He is abruptly inducted into the secret St. George Protector Society…and it’s not long before the Society’s newest recruit discovers it has dark mysteries as well…

Marked as a target

Hampering Lucas’s efforts to adjust to his after-life is An Tighearn operative Nellie Clifton, a beautiful and enigmatic assassin, who has marked Lucas as her latest quarry. But then…

Secrets are threatened to be revealed

A brutal killer stalks the seamy underside of London. Protectors and assassins alike must leave the shadows to find the fiend before their existence is revealed to the world. Tasked with the job of tracking down the murderer, Lucas discovers that the crazed butcher may have connections that go to the heart of the British Empire. One thing is certain:

The Queen must never know


“We meet again, Mr. Dudley,” the black-haired stunner called out, her faint Irish accent more pronounced now. “Sorry about your companion, but business is business. My name is Nellie Clifton, in case you hadn’t been told. Pleased to meet you.”

Her tone was downright languid, the Irish clear in her words, even as she nearly twirled her sword. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to die. It would be more sportin’ if I let you learn how to use your sword first, but I see no point in delayin’ the inevitable, don’t you think?” She grabbed the tabbed cord at the edge of her helmet and yanked it off, shaking her head to loosen her curls. She slipped the goggles down her face until they rested around her throat.

“You indicated last time that you preferred to fight one-on-one, and yet here you are with your allies,” Lucas shot back, keeping an eye on the flying archer and the other woman. “Afraid of me, Miss Clifton?”

“I have me orders. I’m not a cruel person, you understand,” the woman explained, tossing the helmet to the side. “But I have other errands to run, so I decided, let’s dispatch this matter as soon as possible. I do apologize!”

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  1. Definitely a new angle and a unique look at Jack the Ripper! I'll have to add this to my already backlogged TBR, and move it up front. :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting about the book!

  3. You are welcome thus is going to be put on my buy list

  4. Eilis and Heather both in one book? I have to read this!